BDS 2006 Startup Configuration

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BDS 2006 Startup Configuration v0.1
Author: Bruno Marotta
Copyright 2006 Kopf

BDS 2006 Startup Configuration is a open source application developed in Delphi 2006 under the MPL v1.1 license.

System Requirements

The application should run in any Windows 32-bit operational system (Win9x, WinME, Win2000, WinXP).

If you are facing any problems, please let me know: .

Version history

2006-09-06 / 1.0.2
Changed the way of diabling a package (by adding a underscore)
Added the nice names and ordered the Treeview

2006-09-06 / 1.0.1
Corrected 2 minor bugs: Apply button was not getting enabled. Checkbox were not refreshing.
Added template with no Caliber

2006-09-05 / 1.0
Allows to change the IDE packages
Allows to save templates



  • Decyphering which IDE packages are optional.
  • Auto creation of Desktop shortcuts.
  • Creating templates
  • Testing
  • Migrating it to Turbo Explorer